SF Plastering’s commitment to implementing our strict health and safety procedures has been one of our keys to success and continues to be a main priority.

SF Plastering operates strict health and safety procedures for the safe running of any project whether it is commercial or residential. This approach helps us improve our reputation, reduce risk, reduce costs which

shows in our 100% clean bill of health with zero injures to date. We work closely with our clients to ensure a safe working environment is maintained. The following is provided on all of our sites:

Health and Safety Policy Statement

It is the policy of SF Plastering Ltd to promote standards of health and safety within the workforce which will lead to the avoidance or reduction in risks to health and safety and to ensure that the best practicable

methods of compliance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 as amended and the Safety Health and Welfare at Work

(Construction) Regulations 2006 and other associated legislation are achieved. SF Plastering Ltd are committed to managing and conducting their work activities in such a way as to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of their employees and others who may be affected by their business activities.

This will be achieved by the following (so far as is reasonably practicable):

the provision of a safe place of work, including safe access and egress;

the provision of safe plant and equipment, articles and substances;

the provision of safe systems of work;

the provision of welfare facilities;

the provision of appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision;

determining and implementing appropriate preventative and protective measures;

having regard to the general principles of prevention;

the provision of emergency plans and procedures;

reporting prescribed accidents and dangerous occurrences to the Health & Safety Authority; and

obtaining, when necessary, the services of a competent person to advise on health and safety.

The detailed arrangements for achieving these objectives are set out in the main body of the Safety Statement. The Company Directors has overall responsibility for health and safety within SF Plastering. Employees share a responsibility with management in ensuring their own safety while at work. This Safety Statement requires the co-operation of all staff, visitors, contractors and others to enable SF Plastering Ltd to discharge its responsibilities under law.

SF Plastering Ltd is committed to upholding the standards outlined in this Safety Statement. Sufficient authority and resources, both financial and otherwise, will be made available to enable staff to carry out their responsibilities in a reasonable and efficient manner. All employees will be made aware of and have access to this Safety Statement. The Safety Statement will also be available to third parties where appropriate.

Employees are encouraged to put forward suggestions for improvement to this document. The Safety Statement will be reviewed in light of experience and future developments within the organisation.

Signed: Stephen Fitzpatrick
Date: 1st January 2013
Managing Director

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